Video editors choose from a variety of different takes, camera angles, and types of shots to visually and audibly tell a story. Editing training can be found at the certificate level and through undergraduate video production degrees.  Programs are available under the titles of digital video editing, video editing, or simply editing. These programs help students develop a professional portfolio and require the completion of an internship.

Strong organizational skills are needed in order to know which take of each scene is the best. Programs in this discipline teach audio editing and the theories behind how special effects work. While intensive programs take less than two months to complete,

A strong eye for detail in continuity is very helpful for noticing unintentional shadows from the production crew, changes in background noises, and inconsistencies in light temperature. In order to know what other concerns to be aware of, students explore:

  • Where to cut in a scene
  • Motion graphics software
  • Photo editing software
  • Video production
  • Web videos


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