You’ll learn the key elements of investigative reporting, enabling you to dig deeper into the stories and issues you care about. To push the professionalism of your performance further, you’ll discover high-level vocal and personal performance skills and you’ll learn how to take those skills into the workforce and onto set. You’ll also develop personal branding skills and learn how to get your creative message out more successfully through social media.

On the one hand, there are endless opportunities, and on the other, fierce Competition . Keeping in mind the paucity of time for most aspirants, intensive and result-oriented workshops on news reading and anchoring can bridge the gap between the two and facilitate youngsters get a firm foot hold in this competitive world.
How do you see yourself in this scenario?



If you enjoy creative discussions then make a career out of it, get paid
for what you love to do most – Become a Radio Jockey.


    ABG – MEDIA INSTITUTE has developed its programmes keeping creative & useful learning in mind. Especially crafted to provide a strong foundation to its disciples in their respective field – be it content writing, photography, video editing, video shoots, anchoring and many more.


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