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We are fortunate to have an environment which has an excellent academic learning as well as intellectual creative. We do our best to make sure that students are provided with the culture and infrastructure facilities they deserve.

I gladly welcome you at ABG MEDIA INSTITUTE. Here at centre we provide you the platform of opportunity to learn, to know, to contribute And an environment to make yourself a well social being.

ABG – MEDIA INSTITUTE has developed its programmes keeping creative & useful learning in mind. Especially crafted to provide a strong foundation to its disciples in their respective field – be it content writing, photography, video editing, video shoots, anchoring and many more.



Let me compliment you on considering ABG Media Institute for admission. In coming years, our Endeavour is to train students to be superior professionals in broadcast journalism:
When we start a publication, channel, service or other activity, there should be no compromise on quality, effort and leadership-that, indeed, is the value I have endeavoured for us to follow. So as a deliberate strategy, the institute (ABG Media Institute) has adopted high standards of academic input, blending it with practical and industry exposure. Our web news channel is not only the leading news disseminators in the country, but is at the cutting edge of technology application, and our students will enjoy the obvious benefits from our state-of-the-art equipment, studios, and software, newsgathering and production resources. Students will regularly expose to important guests of the channels, but will also bring in minds that matter to campus. Consequently, our carefully handpicked students will well place at the end of their tenure at the institute.

The media world has been pushing its boundaries over the past decade-with new forays into online, social media, specialized forms. That is why we recognize that the media industries and the industries that serve them-advertising, public relations and other forms of brand communication-offer immense opportunities for our professionals, and with that recognition, we have decided to widen the scope of our offerings.

ABGMI offers one year Diploma and two-year postgraduate programmes in a variety of domains within the ambit of communication, including all forms of journalism, audiovisual communication, and advertising, public relations, and media management. While aligning themselves with our existing media brands–ABG and other magazines, our newspaper and online businesses, these programmes will go well beyond our own brands into the larger media sphere.
Over the next few years, ABG will be the leader in media education in India. It will also continue to be our Endeavour to understand the importance of gainful employment at the end of our rigorous programmes, and we will continue to forge formal and informal associations with the related industries. In our efforts to bring to you the best minds to our campus, we are exploring global partnerships.
You are at the threshold of a major surge in our media training initiative. I urge you to take full advantage of the several innovative plans our new Group has for you, and benefit from vast experience as a media guide of renown. Our energetic team are always available and willing to help with answers to your questions, so do not hesitate to connect with them!
Welcome to a great future in the media.
S. K. Jain


It gives me great pleasure to invite you to take an initial peek into the heart that beats behind the appealing façade of ABG Media Institute (AMAR BHARTI GROUP MEDIA INSTITUTE). I thank you for your interest in this Exceptional Group which has recorded two decades of constant development, in the course of which it has accomplished much, making it one of the leading media group recognized for its excellence and therefore, much sought after by the fresh applicants.
The ABG Media Institute tradition happily brings together sound academic achievement with an extensive, vibrant co-curricular programme that includes journalism, and leadership training programmes. Our mission is to inculcate the love of knowledge in our students and, for this, we aim to develop the skills and demeanor of lifelong ‘learning,’ essential for making responsible global citizens. This will make them immensely capable of facing the future with resilience and optimism.

On the deeper level, we try to instill the values of respect and trust in relationships that are the foundation of real success.

At ABG Media Institute then, we believe that ‘education’ is a wholesome, holistic exercise and as such we strive to give a whole new meaning to the word. Coupling this basic premise with the idea of a sense of belonging to one family—the ABG(AMAR BHARTI GROUP) family—we look at ourselves as ‘care-givers.’ We care for the mind—ours is a sterling academic institution; we care for the person—the accent is on the all-round development of personality. I wish you the best in the process of seeking to become a part of this family.



    ABG – MEDIA INSTITUTE has developed its programmes keeping creative & useful learning in mind. Especially crafted to provide a strong foundation to its disciples in their respective field – be it content writing, photography, video editing, video shoots, anchoring and many more.


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